LaToya Jones-Herbert Ministries

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LaToya Jones -Herbert's

Pastor LaToya Jones-Herbert "You can be Set Apart, Instructed, & Still Disqualified"

Toya Jones Singing "Trust in the Lord"

Youth Pastor LaToya Jones-Herbert Preaching For BPDC's Youth Revival
Toya Jones Singing "It's Over"
Toya Jones Singing "Grateful" in Savsjo, Sweden

New Book Release
"I Am Victorious"
The Story Behind The Song
By: LaToya Jones-Herbert aka Toya Jones 

"I am Victorious" 

Book review.

Excellent! Using each song to make a chapter (or Psalms rather) then building and expanding it was a great idea for this book.  This approach provided an effective and efficient way of explaining how each song came about; which actually revealed a little about the life of the author/song writer. 

Being transparent concerning what she's faced and how those experiences have impacted her life is a wanderful encouragement and testimony to anyone and everyone. We appreciate the message and main idea of this book which is, no matter what we face in life, we too can be VICTORIOUS.

Thank you,

Pastor Josy Rey-Jones

Toya Jones' Photos

Toya Jones (Victorious)

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